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Anniversary on Pause

First off, so sorry to have missed yesterday. I really had intended to write something good at some point but the time sort of got away from me. We’ve had a busy past three days and you throw in another stomach flu and everything kinda goes wonky. Not me this time. This time the flu struck my poor husband the night before our anniversary.

So Monday we went out for dinner to my husband’s absolute favorite pizza place and ate in the park by the library where we had our first anniversary picnic, back when we were dating. It was filled with Pokemon Go players, which is reasonable, seeing as it has like four Pokestops. We ate and then wondered around for a bit catching Pokemon and then proceeded to a friend’s apartment for Pathfinder with my brother. We don’t usually do Pathfinder in person, but since almost everyone was home we gave it a try. We were still there when Logan started feeling bad so we left early. Monday night was not fun as a result and we didn’t get a whole lot of sleep.

My poor husband felt so bad about being sick on our anniversary, but we made the most of it. We did get to read our 2nd anniversary book, which was nice and made much more reference to the time gap between writing and reading. We rescheduled for the end of next week when we have a couple days free, and we spent the day playing Sonic Racing and he took a long nap while I got lots of reading done. I ran out and grabbed some bread so he could make some toast to eat, at which point he was feeling well enough to go to the MST3K reunion show, so we got that in at least. He still wasn’t feeling great yesterday so I made him stay home again instead of pushing himself to go to work and be miserable. Today he seems to be feeling much better, though not quite his full self yet. At least we’re on the mend.

So next weekend we’ll pick up where we left off with the whole anniversary thing. We’ll do the breakfast out that I was promised and go to the park, and maybe the comic book store, because we’re nerds like that. We’ll hang out together all day and maybe even go swimming, weather providing. We shall see. Have a lovely day, my friends.

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