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I would like to write something super awesome for our second anniversary, but due to wonky sleeping these past two nights and I haven’t made coffee yet, actually, that should be a thing that I do, I’m just going to ramble at you this morning a little bit and write something better for Wednesday when I’m more awake and functioning, sound good? Great.

So Pokemon is a thing. That’s a thing that has been on basically everyone’s mind for the past few days. My husband came home playing it and then on Saturday he was like “hey, you should totally get it too and we can take a walk and catch Pokemon together” and I was like, “Kay.” So now I’m doing it too. We walked about 3/4th of a mile or so down into the neighborhood behind us to a walking trail and then all the way back up to our house in the sun and it was hot and unpleasant and uphill. That’s the unfortunate thing about where we are. The main road is pretty good for walking and running and stuff, but anywhere back into the residential streets is going to go down hill fast, and then you’ll have to go back up them to get back. There’s a nice little part at the bottom of a ridiculous hill that I can never walk to because I’m a little afraid I’m going to trip down it and break my neck. But I might walk down to the apartment complex a little ways up the road today to get the Pokestop and look for Pokemon.

Tomorrow is our second anniversary, by the way. Yeah, we’ve been married almost two whole years, how’s that for crazy? I’m trying to think of something to write that’s not repetitive. Not that you remember what I wrote last year, but I do and I don’t want to feel like I’m writing the same thing every year. For a refresher, last year I wrote what I had learned in a year as a wife and then 12 things I love about my husband, one for every month we’d been married. That would be a very long post if I were to try and do that again and no one would get through all 24, I’m sure. The 12 list post was kind of long all on it’s own. I guess I could do an additional 12 things, but I was having trouble picking things last time that weren’t super personal and that other people would get, you know? There are just something¬†that I can’t explain to people that I love about him. You just kind of have to know him and see them for yourself.

I’m sure I”ll figure something out. I mean a lot of things have changed since last year, what with the house and getting cats and all. But I feel like we’re reaching a very comfortable spot here. We haven’t completely figured it out, by any means, but we’ve gotten into the rhythm of things. Anyway, so we’re doing a low-key anniversary this year, since we didn’t something big last year and we’ve been doing a lot of traveling this year, we figured we’d do something chill to celebrate. We were going to do a movie in the park, but then we found out that the MST3K reunion was playing on our anniversary and seeing as one of our main forms of evening entertainment is MST3K we decided to do that instead. So we’ll hang out all day, he took the whole day off, so I get him all day. We’ll do breakfast, maybe, and run around looking for Pokemon and go out to dinner and then watch MST3K. I wish I had known about this when I was debating on when to use my nail wraps. I totally would have saved my MST3K ones for this event. Alas, it is not to be.

So yeah, that’ll be my day tomorrow. Maybe we’ll finally finish the cake from two years ago. Yeah, that’s still in our freezer. It moved with us and everything. Is cake even good after two years in the freezer? Who knows! We’ll find out, probably. Now I am going to make coffee and maybe work on my novel, because that’s a thing that needs to be done, and maybe catch some Pokemon. They like to hang out by the mail box. Have a lovely day, my friends.


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