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A Quick Word on Cat Sitting

Sorry this is coming to you so late in the day, I’ve been having adventures, as usual. We’re unexpectedly cat sitting. Well, kind of unexpected. Our good friends the Panda’s are in California right now and asked Joe and Abby who live nearby¬†to feed their cats. They¬†agreed, but were also leaving early this week for camp, so they asked us to feed the cats for the two/three days of over lap between their vacations. We are happy to do it, of course, however, the whole realization came just last week, so we had three days of are we watching the Pandas’ cats? and three days of yes, yes we are, before actually starting our cat sitting duties.

So Sunday morning we got up early and got ready for church and drove over to the Pandas’ house to feed their cats. We went around back where they key was supposed to be waiting for us. It wasn’t there. We checked all the hiding places one might think to stash a key for someone else to find and it was nowhere to be found. Concerned for the cats and how hungry they must be, considering Finn the scaredy cat saw me looking in and came over meowing for food and attention instead of running for cover, we called Joe who was supposed to leave us the key, probably waking him up. Apparently we weren’t supposed to feed the cats Sunday morning. We were supposed to feed them Sunday evening through Tuesday morning, not all day Sunday through Tuesday. With that clarification we ran over to get the key off of Joe then since we were already there and fed the cats anyway.

The cats we are watching are named Simon and Finn. Simon is a very pretty cream colored cat who is a little dim, but rather sweet with beautiful ice blue eyes. Finn is a skittish grey cat with wide orange eyes. They are both pretty and pretty special. Our usual interactions with Simon and Finn is from a distance or while they’re being held by Panda. Finn almost never comes near us, but watches us from another room or at the top of the stairs. Simon will let us pet him on occasion while he’s laying on the stairs but only a little. Apparently they take a different attitude towards you when you’re there to give them food. Logan and I enjoyed twenty minutes of friendly interactions with Simon and Finn while we fed them and waited to see if they would throw it back up. Cats are like that and cat vomit is very bad for hardwood floors. Luckily they did not feel like puking yesterday or this morning.

Our original thought was Logan would go over and feed them before work and then go back after work to feed them again. Upon greater consideration, we nixed that plan as it was kind of stupid. Logan would have had to get up ridiculously early to go over to the Panda’s house, feed the cats, and then drive to work through all the constructiony morning traffic. Not worth it. Instead I got up and dropped him off at work and then went over myself and fed the cats. A much easier trip all around and we didn’t have to get up any earlier than usual. So this morning instead of blogging I went and hung out with some pretty kitties for half an hour to feed them and watch for cat vomit. They were both very good and quite cute. Simon played with the shadow from my phone as I was trying to take pictures of him and Finn played in a box.

The Panda’s return tomorrow afternoon/evening so we’ll just have to go over twice more to feed and pet Simon and Finn. I have to admit, it’s kind of nice to get out in the mornings. It’s a bit of a hassle with the one car, but I enjoy the morning drive, listening to my podcasts. It’s probably good for me, getting up and dressed and all rather than sitting in my pajamas. It almost makes me wonder if I should go back to writing in Starbucks instead of at home. But we saw how well that worked out last year, and I would have to up my coffee budget by a lot to afford Starbucks every other day. Anyway, that was my adventure for today. I hope you all have a lovely day, my friends.

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