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Adulting in the Worst Way

Good morning friends! I just got off the phone for the bajillianth time for an issue that shouldn’t have been an issue. I’ve been calling people about this issue all year and I am rather sick of it. Thankfully I think it might finally get resolved this time and if it doesn’t, I might just scream. This has been my adulting experience and it’s the super not fun kind of adulting.

So I went to the near-by MedExpress back in November with bronchitis, which they gave me anti-biotics for and sent me on my way. I paid my co-pay and got the prescription and thought no more of it until January when I got a letter saying they were automatically charging  large amount to my credit card that they had on file and would be charging more later since they could only do a little at a time or something, but they didn’t tell me why. So we rushed to MedExpress to figure out what was going on, since it was a Saturday and we couldn’t call. Apparently I had signed something I don’t remember signing at all saying they could automatically charge me for payments. We fixed that there and then and found out that it was for the visit in November. This is a thing that I had trouble with before, the insurance not paying up when it should. I had thought my problems with them were solved when I got my date of birth all straightened out. Apparently not.

So I talked to the insurance and they’re response was “I dunno, have them resubmit it with your dad’s address maybe?” So I called MedExpress back and had them do that. A month later I get another bill from them saying I still owe them for the visit. I call the insurance again and they tell me “Oh it’s picking up your maiden name for some reason. We’ll just resubmit the claim.” This happens three more times before I get a final letter saying from MedExpress saying “Hey, this super needs to get paid or it’s going to a third party.”

So last Tuesday I called the insurance and told them they need to fix whatever’s wrong so I can not get sent on to a collection agency, thank you very much. The lady was very nice and sent the claim through some emergency system so it should be approved right away and sent a request to the department that deals with inputting information to resubmit my current information to eliminate that one spot in the system where my maiden name was still floating around. And then she called MedExpress for me to tell them to put the claim back on the insurance and that they would be getting payment and an explanation of why it was so late. I called MedExpress again, just to be sure that was the case and it wouldn’t go to a collection agency, at all. They assured me it had been put back on the insurance and it wouldn’t go to a third party.

Saturday I got a letter from a collection agency saying “Hey, this was forwarded to us, you’d better pay it.” I was so mad. This is super ridiculous! Having insurance should make my life easier, not harder! So it’s Wednesday and I finally got around to calling MedExpress again to see what’s going on this time. The claim is still on the insurance, but apparently since it was on a list to go to the collection agency it somehow slipped and went to them anyway and then was pulled back. So I got a letter I wasn’t supposed to get for a claim that hasn’t actually gone to them. I talked to a man who seemed eager to tell me I was wrong and got disconnected. Then I called back and talked to a more helpful lady who looked at the information, told me what happened and assured me she would send it to a supervisor who would fix the list and contact the agency to let them know it wasn’t my responsibility anymore. I then had to call the collection agency to make sure they have it on record that I did call and talked to a rather impatient sounding woman who told me they didn’t have my claim and I needed to talk to MedExpress and I could ignore the letter I got.

So at some point this week I will probably call the insurance again to check on the claim to see if it’s moved forward at all. I really really don’t want to get another bill from MedExpress, or anyone really, about something that should not be on me. I’m not a fan of this type of adulting. The having a house and a budget and determining my own schedule kind of stuff isn’t so bad, but the calling people and fighting to get what I shouldn’t have to fight for is getting really old. I think I’ll snuggle a cat and pretend I’m not an adult for a little while. Have a lovely day, my friends.

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