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Adventures in Scheduling

So I’m considering switching up my schedule again. It’s been a while since I switched over to the three days a week schedule from the two days a week. I’m thinking for the summer, though, I might go back down to two. Looking at how this week is going and thinking about how my summer is going to go, it’s clear I might be in over my head here for a little while.

I have found myself going out quite a bit over the past few weeks, leaving in the morning after dropping Logan off for work and driving straight up to my parents place, or over to a friend’s house. On days when I’m needed for a whole day somewhere it’s impossible and impractical to come back to my house and blog before going out again. I have two choices to fix this issue: I can blog during the day before and schedule it to post on the appropriate morning, or I can switch up my schedule a little to better accommodate my busy summer. I think I might try both.

There is part of me that thinks the pre-writing schedule would be a good change for me. It would give me all day to write something without feeling the pressure of a few hours deadline. It can be hard some mornings when I stare at the computer and know I have to write something now, but I have no idea what to write. I imagine writing my blogs before hand might cut down on the number of rambles that I do. I don’t know if you enjoy those or not, but I always feel like they’re a bit of a cop-out. The only problem with this solution to my busy problem is the fact that I am busy a lot of days and some days I just don’t have any time to blog at all. I would have to find time where I can, which might be doable, might not be, we’d have to try it and see.

The other solution is to just cut back on my blogging. Going back to doing two days a week might be the better option, as I’d have less mornings to worry about and it might be easier to schedule things around two mornings of blogging rather than three. I think part of my problem is that I never really switched my brain from the old schedule to the new one. In my head I think I forget that Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are blogging mornings when I look at the calendar and think “yeah, I could do something that day.” I’m not sure I want to go back to Tuesday and Thursday writing, but it’s an option. I might just cut out Wednesday or maybe Monday and do the two other days and see how that works. It would be more spread out then before, but that longer break might give me the time that I need to refuel.

I am also considering taking a small break, maybe a week or so. My last break was in January and that was five months ago. I know I have gone longer with taking a break, but I feel like this summer might warrant it. I will let you know, of course, if I decide to take a break, when, but we shall see. We’re not really doing a proper vacation this year, just running around to a bunch of weddings… which I need to get gifts for… Yeah, that’s a thing. Anyway, if we decide to take an actual vacation of some kind, which I kind of doubt since we’ve already done a ton of driving around this year, I’ll do it then. If not, we’ll see when I feel like it. I think the time to recharge my brain with ideas for blogging would be good.

I’m not sure when I’ll actually get around to enacting any of these changes. We shall see, I guess. I might try the first solution first, which will be sneaky and you’ll never know about, and if that doesn’t work as well as I’d like, try the second, which you will know about, and I’ll warn you about ahead of time. I might try them both at the same time, who knows! That’s also an option. At any rate, there will probably be changes of some kind in the future, it’ll be an adventure! Have a lovely day, my friends.


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