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A List of Excuses

Greetings, friends! I know I’m a day late with this, but it’s been one of those weeks. That’s really not a very good excuse, but hey, at least I’m getting caught up! For this wonky kind of extra, kind of late post I thought I would explain why I am posting on a day that is not my day, and as I have no really good reason I’m giving you a list of excuses.

To start, you should know that we have a cat with a very sensitive digestive tract, apparently. You may already be informed of this as I’m sure I’ve told you all about her poopy exertions before we went to Indiana in March… and her bloody issues in April. She’s always got something going on. Miss Calamity has been doing very well lately, though. We got her on a regular feeding schedule and have only been giving her as much food as a small cat needs for a day, which is not nearly as much as I thought it would be, and she seemed to be doing alright until we got back from Philly. Sunday was fine, but Monday she was back to her old tricks, and by tricks mean watery poops. This time, however, we acted quickly and with the skill that comes with lots of experience. We put her in the back room with a bowl of water and newspaper around the little box, because apparently she’s super bad with the aiming, and left her in there over night to get anything left out of her system. A little bit of food in the morning and a close eye on her proved that this had worked to reset her system and she’s been fine ever since.¬†We’re thinking it was probably a reaction to the wonky feeding schedule over the weekend, and maybe not getting the probiotic on Sunday which I thought we were out of, but then found a sneaky packet hiding in the box.

So now that you know all about my cat’s poop problems, we’ll move on to the rest of the week. So I hung out with my friend Michelle and her girls on Monday, picked my husband up and dealt with cat issues in the evening. I thought I was going to have to drop Logan off again Tuesday, call the vet, and probably go in with a stool sample and get more probiotic. On second consideration, though, I figured since we had a full package of them getting the probiotic could wait a day and we’d just see how she did after a little food. I hate to be that person who just calls the vet every time something minor happens and this is becoming far too routine to be concerning. So I didn’t call the vet until that evening and I just asked about getting more probiotic. The receptionist said it wasn’t a prescription so I could just come in and grab it whenever.

Here is where my excuses come in, now that you’ve got all the backstory you need. I dropped Logan off yesterday morning. I knew if I went home and sat in my chair I wouldn’t want to get up again, so I might as well just go straight to the vet, which I did. After picking up the probiotic I stopped by Shop’n’save on my way how to grab a few things I’d forgotten to get at Target on Monday. I realize I could get creamer at ALDI, but I’ll be honest, it kind of freaks me out. It doesn’t go bad like normal creamer does, which I guess is good since I have an unfortunate tendency to forget about the coffee in the bottom of my cup, but it also weirds me out. Also, I kind of wanted something chocolate this week. So I grabbed creamer and some other things we needed and headed home.

I did have in my head that I needed to blog when I got back when I left the house. I did, really, but I’ve also been in this weird space where I’m not sure what day it is. All week I’ve been a day ahead, at least. I guess maybe because we didn’t spend Sunday with my in-laws like we usually do. Anyway, when I got home my only thought was, I should jump in the shower, because, again, if I don’t do it before I sit down it’ll never get done. My chair is super comfy and once I sit down I attract cats and then I’m really stuck. So I jumped in the shower with the intention of calling my mom once I got out. As fate would have it, she called me just as I was stepping out. Convenient timing, really. So I spent the next hour or two talking to my mom while Calamity purred in my lap. I’ll be honest, I had completely forgotten about blogging by this point. After I hung up with my mom it was just past lunch time and I was hungry, so I got some lunch and sat in my chair and fooled around until it was time to pick Logan up.

I realize that none of these are good excuses, but that’s what I’ve got. I’m sorry I missed a blogging day, I’m sorry I’ve been so inconsistent recently. I might go back down to two days a week for the summer because it’s looking more and more like this is going to be a trend. Apparently my husband and I are just super busy all the time. There’s a joke with his friends that you have to plan with the Scavos a month in advance if you want them to come because we’re just always busy. Logan thinks its because we can’t say no. Possibly. I like to think it’s because we’re super popular. At any rate, here’s hoping I’ll get my act together next week and we can get back on track. I will do my very best to do better! Have a lovely day, my friends.

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