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Hello friends! This weekend starts our most wedding filled weekend of them all! This afternoon we’ll be watching two of my lovely Geneva theater friends tie the knot and tomorrow we’ll be getting up early to see another lovely Geneva theater friend get hitched as well! It’s going to be wedding madness all over the place, and you know what that means! More adventures! Okay, just this particular set of weddings, mostly the second one, but you know how weddings are.

So our plans for today include breaking down boxes which we probably should have done last night, but you know how that goes; wrapping wedding presents and writing out cards, also should have been done in advance; perhaps some packing for tomorrow’s trip… which would be doing it in advance, but will probably actually happen tomorrow morning as we try to get out the door at a reasonable time; and then jumping in the car to go to our first wedding of the weekend and partying it up with some super cool people. It’ll be grand!

Tomorrow starts the big adventure. This is really what we get for going to Geneva where people get married and live in far off places like Eastern PA. This isn’t our first out of town wedding, just the first one this year. We didn’t have any last year, which was nice. What’s nicer is being married for out of town weddings. Seriously, we did one out of town wedding that we weren’t in before we were married and it was awful. Not the wedding, the wedding was lovely, but the trip was pretty unfortunate. We drove four hours with another couple, who were also not married at the time, got there late, and left early to drive four hours back. There was much sleepiness, we got back sometime around midnight and I ended up spending the night with my friend because I was too tired to drive the rest of the way home. Not the way to do weddings, man. I like this so much better because we can drive out and get a hotel now instead of trying to drive out and back in one day.

So the plan for tomorrow is get up, drive out early enough so we can check into the hotel, change there so we don’t have to drive in our wedding clothes, go to the wedding, party it up, and then spend the night, go to some church in the morning, and drive home. Sure, we probably won’t sleep super well in the hotel, but it’s better than missing out on a good chunk of the celebration to drive home exhausted. And to be honest, I kind of like staying in hotels. It’s like a little tiny baby vacation.

Well, we’re off to the great wedding adventure. I hope you all have a lovely, possibly wedding filled, weekend, my friends.


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