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Mothers Day Ramble

We went to Indiana this past weekend for my sister-in-law’s college graduation, which was super exciting, and lovely, but also super exhausting. We’re still recovering from getting five or less hours of sleep two days in a row and spending said two days in the car for eight hours each. It felt like a very long weekend. That being said, Mother’s day kind of got pushed to the side a bit this year. We’re planning to celebrate this week but the actual day was quite glossed over.

I tried really hard to think of something new to write this year. I feel like I write the same thing for Mother’s day every year, and while it is always true, I’m sure some of you are probably sick of hearing the same thing about my mom over and over again. And considering the amount of sleep and rest we’ve been running on thus far this week, I thought a ramble would be acceptable this year.

I’ve come to the point in my life when my friends have started reproducing. We have lots of friends now who have tiny children of their own or are expecting tiny children in the near future. I have friends I went to college with who are becoming moms and it’s a little weird. Mother’s day was always about our moms and now it’s becoming about us as well. By us I mean our generation, not including me personally. This isn’t an announcement of some sort, much to the disappointment of several people I know. But really, I get to hang out with a super cute baby every week while we play D&D with his parents. I see pictures on Facebook all the time of a couple cute little boys who belong to friends of my husband and friends from theater; people who’s weddings we attended. Nothing quite says “you’re a grown up” like watching your friends have kids.

So this year, even though I’m technically a day late, I want to say happy mother’s day to all of my new mom friends. You guys are super awesome and I love all of you. I have so much respect for people my age who have babies. I guess you don’t really┬áthink about how scary and awesome being a mom is until it’s your piers with the babies. When I was younger the people having babies were my older cousins and friends of the family who’d watched me when they were in high school. It was grown up people who could obviously handle it, no sweat, that’s what grown ups do. Now it’s kids I went to school with, people who graduated my year or the years around me and suddenly it occurs to me just what a big leap having a baby is. I have a new found appreciation for moms and all they do. Seriously, you guys are basically super heroes. As my husband and I contemplate the possibility of having a baby of our own, I realize more and more how super scary the idea is, but it’s encouraging to see my friends taking the same path, walking the road of parenthood and doing alright.

Also, I’m going to be that person. Owning a pet does not qualify you to celebrate mother’s day. I know they mean a lot to you, I know you work hard to take care of them and you feel very attached to your pet, but your care of your pet does not compare to all the work moms do. Being a pet owner is nowhere near as intense as being a parent. Let moms have their day, go designate your own holiday to celebrate having a pet. I say this as a person who has and loves my cats very much, we’re not on their level, and it’s a little obnoxious to try and put yourself up there.

Okay, now that I’ve offended all the “pet parents” out there and gone way over my time limit for rambles, I’ll just close off by saying happy belated mother’s day to all of my mom friends, new and not so new. You’re doing great, really, and I think you’re the coolest.

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