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Good morning dear friends! It is a very blustery day here and I’m writing to you from the office where it’s still safe. The living room is safer now, thanks to my dear friend Michelle who recommended the solution we were looking for to our cat smell problem. Now I just have to get around to using it on my chair (just as a precaution) and I’ll be back to blogging in my comfy spot in no time.

So yesterday was Easter, and I’m sure lots of you were off celebrating with your friends/families and eating lots of ham, probably, because that’s an Easter thing to do. We, similarly were hanging out with friends and family, but, naturally, we can’t do so without some sort of adventure. Ours started with the fact that we were going to a different church.

So for those of you who don’t know, Reformed Presbyterians don’t celebrate church holidays in the church. Lots of them celebrate outside of church, but the church itself doesn’t recognize any church holidays. So our church plans don’t deviate due to holidays. generally speaking. Yesterday was special, though, as we were invited to the baptism of Gabby, Michelle and Michael’s newest daughter. They had a lunch and everything afterward to celebrate that, but we couldn’t stay due to standing family plans.

The church we were invited to is roughly 40 minutes away and the service at 9:30. So we left with a good ten minutes to spare. We apparently needed more time than that as the GPS on our phones wanted to take us to Gibsonia in general, but not the church specifically. Something with how I put the location into the event, I guess. Anyway, after driving up and down for five minutes or so I finally looked up the address on google and got us going to the right place. This is the church where we did our premarital counseling and the area where Michelle and Michael live, so everything looked familiar, but was somehow not right. My husband kept saying, “I’m pretty sure it’s on this road somewhere,” and I kept thinking, “I thought that too, but now I’m not so sure.” But we made it eventually, only ten minutes late for the service and in time for the first psalm, so it wasn’t so bad.

Successful baptism completed, we had just enough time to say hi to the family and chat with some friends, before skipping out on Sunday School to head up to my parents place. We had to steal a tray for our scones, which were another adventure all in themselves. Long story short, we ended up doubling the batch and everything was alright. We hung out with my family, for a little while they got ready, then piled in the car to go to my uncle’s place for Easter dinner. Which I guess is more lunch-ish, come to think of it, but eh, whatever.

IMG_20160327_155318It was a beautiful day for Easter this year. It’s been pretty nice the past couple years I want to think. We have a lovely picture from two years ago of my sister and I with our boys, sitting out in the yard, so it must have been nice then. We got a full family picture last year, and I remember needing a sweater, but not a jacket. Next year will probably be soggy. We can’t keep the nice streak up forever. But we can always hope, I guess. Anyway, we had a nice time and got to see all of the little people on my dad’s side. We got three new people last year and they are all pretty adorable. Of course they were all cranky by the time we got them all together to get a picture, but, you know, those ones are more fun anyway. We stayed late this year to see a late coming cousin and then headed home with a container full of scones and bag full of ham.

And that was our Easter for this year. I appreciate that we only celebrate Easter with my dad’s side of the family. It makes things so much less stressful when we don’t have to try and cram all the things into one day. Easter is pretty easy, and it’s always the same. Now if only other holidays were equally as easy. I hope you all had a lovely Easter, my friends.


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