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Wonderful Wonder Woman

wonder woman movieGood morning dear friends, or should I say, good afternoon? It really is more afternoon-ish, isn’t it? My husband is off today so we slept in, which is a lovely thing, but I still have to blog, so, you know. There’s that. We went to see Batman V Superman last night and it was actually pretty wonderful. For all the bad reviews it’s gotten from critics, we actually really enjoyed it and I’m kind of pumped that they’re putting together a Justice League movie.

So I’m pretty neutral when it comes to Batman and Superman respectively, and I’m not going to review the movie itself because I don’t do that and I don’t want to spoiler anything, seriously go see the movie. The one thing I will say, though, is they are finally getting the whole female superhero thing right and it makes me so happy. Wonder Woman was beautiful in this movie. She is finally getting the silver screen treatment she deserves.

There are been lots of women super hero movies before, but they’ve all been pretty much horrendous. Catwoman was awful, Electra was pretty bad, we don’t even talk about the older ones anymore, and the reason we haven’t gotten any good ones is because the studios made these awful movies and then claimed that it was the female heroes fault they didn’t go over well. It’s not female heroes, friends, it’s the crappy movies. People would jump at seeing a Black Widow movie but they shot it down because “female hero movies flop.” Supposedly there are Captain Marvel movie plans, but who knows when that’ll be (2019 according to IMDB).

So we’re left with the challenge of building up our female heroes in other movies to prove that they are popular enough to stand on their own in a movie. And DC has finally, successfully, done that. They are currently filming a Wonder Woman movie and if the Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman is any indication of quality, it could be amazing. Seriously, she was so beautiful in this movie. She carried herself with this wonderful air of confidence that was a little sultry and a little sassy, but always graceful and elegant. She was always two-steps ahead of even Batman, doing her thing and floating around the conflict as an uninterested third party until the climax. She has this air of wisdom about her that conveys her hundreds of immortal years and the things she’s seen without having to say anything.

Oh she was wonderful, I squealed so much. If you go for nothing else, just go to see Wonder Woman fight. Seriously, her the big fight scene (because you knew that was coming) is so well done, and Wonder Woman is treated so very well in it. The choreography is so well done. She has this amazing, wonderfully smooth way of fighting, every move flows perfectly into the next. She gets knocked around and just grins and grabs her sword and keeps at it. She does more fighting than either of the boys and it’s beautiful. Seriously, while Batman and Superman are getting in their hits here and there and running around for a solution, she’s in the fray the whole time, taking on the thing that was batting around Superman, with a smirk on her lips, and she does damage. If I could just watch her fight over and over it would be well worth the price of admission.

So, yeah, if you didn’t already have plans to see Batman V Superman you totally should make some, if only to see Wonder Woman kick butt. Also the Aquaman cameo is pretty good, too. The one other thing I’ll say about the movie is it is way better than Man of Steel. Seriously, they recover really well from that awful movie, and my husband was very pleased with it. And he’s a huge comic book, and specifically Superman, fan. So check it out sometime, it’s worth the watch. Have a lovely long weekend, my friends.


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