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Snow? Yes, Snow

I took my yucca plant outside because it was nearly seventy degrees and sunny. I thought it was a good idea. I was wrong. I forgot to bring her inside when I left on my vacation. Sure it was a little cooler, but not too cold. I’m hoping she’ll recover. I did bring Yvette inside when we got home. I also brought the primroses I got from a bridal shower in Sunday morning before it snowed. I’m doubtful on their ultimate survival, but we’ll see. At least I tried.

spring winterIt’s spring, dear friends, officially, and there’s snow on the ground. Because we live in Western PA where seasons come, then forget they left the stove on and rush off again, leaving us┬áconfused and a little cranky at having had a taste of warm weather only to be left with more cold. Such is life. We really should have seen it coming. It was the same thing last year. The first thing I saw in my Facebook memories yesterday was a post about it being the first day of spring and the snow not being okay. Other friends shared similar memories of spring snow. It seems to be a trend.

Again, we didn’t have an awful winter, so I guess it’s could be worse. It’s not like we suffered through six feet of snow all winter, or -5 degree weather for months to come out into spring and then fall back into winter. Considering how little actual winter we got, I’d say we’re just catching up to where we should be. Still, I was rather hoping that it would all be done by now. The official day should mean something, shouldn’t it? Ah well, winter it is.

It is supposed to work it’s way back up this week. Maybe it’ll even warm enough to Easter outside. It’s not always, you know.┬áThere are plenty of pictures of my siblings and I shivering on the porch in our springy Easter clothes. I have yet to buy any Easter clothes, so I still have a chance to dress weather appropriately. I haven’t bought Easter clothes in a while, actually. At least since I got married, maybe since I went to college. I can’t remember. I think I might try it this year, though. There’s a Burlington Coat Factory near us that I’ve always wanted to check out. And with eight weddings this year, it might be nice to have something new to wear. Not that I don’t have plenty of dresses for all the weddings, but, you know, I’ve been wearing the same five dresses or so to weddings for the past three years now. I could probably switch it up a bit.

I’m glad I haven’t started my garden yet, at least. My dad says late May is when to start planting for the tomatoes and peppers we want. I also kind of want to try asparagus, though, and the internet tells me March/April is the time to plant that. I might wait until April, better chance of it not getting snowed on. Not a guarantee, mind you, but a better chance at least. I kind of love asparagus. I never thought I would say such a thing, but it is probably my favorite vegetable. So at some point I’ll look more into growing asparagus and maybe get that started and then later in May it’ll be joined by tomatoes and peppers. My main concern is the bunny who lives in the neighborhood. I call him Peter. He often runs around our yard and I’m a little nervous that he will help himself to my garden. Dad says rabbits aren’t super into tomatoes or pepper plants, but what about asparagus? A little bunny-proof fence might be a good idea. Like they have in Australia. Yeah, it’s a thing, look it up.

So for today I’ll be bundled up for winter while I go out to lunch with my mom-in-law and her aunts. I’ll then spend the day cleaning up the house after our catsplotion of poop last week. The carpets are going to get a very thorough scrubbing from me. Logan is in charge of the furniture. One thing I love about my marriage is that the things that I think are the tough parts, he thinks are the easy ones, so we both think we’re getting the better end of the deal. Either way, it’ll be an adventure for both of us. I’m hoping we’ll be successful enough to watch Daredevil season 2 tonight. That’d be pretty cool. I hope you all have a lovely, if wintery, spring day, my friends.

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