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Laundry Day

So I’m typing to you all from my in-laws house because it’s laundry day. I’m also typing on my tablet, which is super weird, because for some reason my computer won’t connect to the Internet. So this might be a super short post because is is super weird. I don’t have a fancy keyboard for my tablet, which might be something to invest in, since the tablet is much easier to transport than the laptop and typing like this is kind of unnatural. There not quite enough room for my fingers to use the normal typing posture. 

Anyway, it’s laundry day! You don’t properly appreciate having a washer and dryer until you move out of your parents place and have to find time to go somewhere to do laundry. Normally we do laundry on Sundays after church when we hang out with the family, but after moving I discovered a plethora of towels that need washing and we don’t have time for three loads on Sundays, so I’m here on a Friday, hanging out with my in-laws cats and washing towels and stuff. I miss the days when I could wash whatever I wanted whenever I needed too.

Seriously, have you ever thought about how easy it is to throw a load in the washer when you have one? Back home it was so convenient to just run down with my coloreds and pop them in for an hour. I just had to remember to change them out and fold them at some point. Now it’s this big ordeal to bring all the laundry to my in-laws,  since they’re closest, and take up their washer. It wasn’t even so bad at the old apartment where, if I absolutely needed too, I could gather up some quarters and use the machines in the basement,  but we don’t have anything at the new place, so a trip out is the only option. 

Confession: I’ve never used the laundromat. I feel like I’m a little spoiled in that regard. Logan would go to the laundromat on occasion before we got married, but I’ve never had to. I’ve gone with my brother to wash something big, but that’s it. They seem kind of scary. You have to figure out how to put your laundry in and then sit there awkwardly and wait to switch it, and then wait awkwardly until you can pull it out and fold it, which I donT think I’d be brave enough to do, because what if someone came in and was watching me fold my stuff? There’s some sensitive stuff in there. I don’t want people watching me fold my underwear. So I’ll just go to my family’s place for laundry, because they’re nice and won’t judge me. And also don’t require two dollars in quarters. 

Okay, I think my first load is winding down and I’m kind of sick of trying to type on this tiny, awkward keyboard so I will leave you all for my laundry duties. Sorry for any extra typos today, and I hope you all have better luck with laundry and Internet than I am right now. Have a lovely day, my friends!


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