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A Quick Ramble

So this is going to be a quick one, in theory, because I’m being picked up at 10 and it’s 9:06 right now so I have to write something up and post it and share it and all that and then make sure I have everything I need ready to go. I’m going shopping today with my mom-in-law. We’re finally going to use some gift cards from Christmas, which I guess isn’t super late this year. I’ve had Christmas gift cards in like March that I haven’t used. Heck, we have gift cards from when we got married that we haven’t used. Gift cards are tricky things, man.

Especially wedding cards, I would say. You get a gift card for a place you registered and if it’s like Target it’s pretty much fine, because you go to Target all the time. Department stores are harder because you go there with these gift cards and it’s like “Well, I should spend them on stuff we need for our new place and life and all that, but then again, there are Cuddledud workout shirts on sale and they are super comfy.” And then you resist buying anything because you can’t think of anything you need to get with the gift card because half the stuff you registered for was just for fun anyway and you don’t actually have the counter space for it right now and you don’t want to spend the gift cards on like socks or sweaters or something. That and you have to remember to have them on you when you go out. I have a wallet full of gift cards that may or may not have anything on them. I can’t remember.

Anyway, we’re going shopping and I’m going to try really hard to find some stuff for our new living room. I feel like it might be prudent to wait until we get in there to start buying things to go with the house, but I figure decorative things can be put anywhere one way or another so, you know, might as well. I’d like our living room to have a sort of steam punk-ish vibe to the decorations. Woods and bronze and brass, that sort of thing. I need to print pictures from our anniversary shoot to hang in the wood frames we have yet to fill. The windows in the living room have wood frames so I have figured I should probably put up the wood with the wood and do the black and white theme elsewhere. Maybe I’ll incorporate the “Scavo” sign that’s over the TV in with my other black and white frames. Maybe I’ll put up more pictures from the wedding, too. I just have to get them printed.

Maybe there will be a Wal-greens closer to where we move. Or I could just get them on Shutterfly. I’ve heard good things about their prints and the giant one we got for free is actually really nice. The only problem is the shipping. I don’t know if I should have them sent to the new place or to our current place. I don’t know when they would come so I can’t really say. Maybe I’ll wait until closer to when we’re moving to order them so I know that we’ll be in the new place when they arrive. I mean, I know we’ll still be in and out of the apartment doing cleaning stuff and all that, but I don’t want it to come on a random day when we’re not in the apartment and then it’ll just sit there for a while until we do come by.

Okay, I think that’s enough out of me. I have about 40 minutes to make sure I’m ready for when my mom-in-law comes to pick me up. I hope you all have a lovely Friday, my friends!

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