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Husband Sweater Day

Today I am wearing my husbands sweater. It’s a husband sweater kind of day. It’s cold outside, I’m wearing my super fuzzy-lined warm owl socks that I got for Christmas and it was very important that I wear my husbands sweater. Though I will say, I’m disappointed there isn’t more snow on the hillside outside my window. I like to look out at the snow when it’s cold. It’s like a consolation prize for having to survive the winter.

My sister is a clothing thief, in the best way possible. She is the kind of girl who claims her boyfriend’s clothing as her own and wears them around the house. Sweatpants, hoodies, shirts, you name it. She wore his favorite hoodie for like a week. There are some girls who are like that, who can pull that off. That’s why they sell “boyfriend hoodies” at Target. I’m not one of those girls. I never was. I once borrowed a boyfriends giant leather jacket, but that was mostly on his insistence and partially a ruse so I could sew up the holes in the lining. Other than that, it wasn’t until Logan and I were engaged that I started stealing his clothing, and then only one shirt for sleeping in. I stole it one Sunday after he did laundry and by steal I mean I asked if I could take one of his shirts.

Even now that we’re married, I’m not big on appropriating his clothing. Sweaters are the exception. The big sweater thing came from his sisters, mostly, and mine to a smaller degree. Lauren is super into old man sweaters specifically. Erin went through a big sweater phase in which she stole my dad’s only spare sweater. I was in college and while I liked the idea of big sweaters, I had no way of acquiring them. Then I got married and started hanging out with my in-laws and part of that is trips to Goodwill. Goodwill is the best place to find giant sweaters. You just look in the men’s section and you’re bound to find something. I got a giant green plaid sweater and a smaller soft green sweater to be my sweater collection. I also got my dad’s sweater off my sister as she’s moved beyond the big sweater phase.

So my big sweater count is three and it wasn’t until this winter when my green sweater shrunk in the drier that I realized that my husband has a whole drawer full of big comfy sweaters. And by big, I mean slightly larger than the size I wear. But it counts. I’m not drowning in them, but I’m definitely warm and cozy. So I’ve started stealing sweaters. My usual sweater was just washed this week, though, so I stole it’s red and grey twin. I have a thing for green sweaters apparently, my usual is green and blue. I can’t wear my sweaters out in public so much. My dad’s sweater I can, it’s still pretty nice. The original giant sweater has a hole in the shoulder, though, and is really better for comfy home use. Most big sweaters are best for comfy home use. I love sitting around in my husband’s sweaters on cold days like this when I don’t have to go out at all. So that’s what I’m doing today. It’s a husband sweater kind of day.

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