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One of the things I’m excited about this year is reading. Sure, I’m always excited about reading, but right now especially I think as I’ve been given and recommended lots of books recently and since I’ve finally mastered the library system, I have access, in theory, to all the books I want to read.

For Christmas my Twirly gave me a book that she says is basically Dakota in book form. My friend Dakota is the most sunshiny person I know, and she has great taste in books, so coming from Twirls with that description, this book must be good. The book is called A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd and it’s about a girl who collects words, I’ve gathered from the description. It has a triple layer ice cream cone on the cover, which is fun, and intriguing. As soon as I’m done with my current book club book I’ll definitely be reading it.

Right now I’m listening to The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker on audio book from the library. It’s okay, I guess, not really what I was expecting it to be. We’re discussing it on Monday, though, in theory, so I’ll be done with it soon, one way or another. We might move it back a week, but we’ll see. Anyway, the book is about a Golem who is created to look and act exactly like a woman, but her master dies on the way to America right after activating her, so she’s left to figure out life in New York City on her own, and a Jinni who was trapped in a flask for a thousand years and freed by a tinsmith accidentally and has to adjust to life in NYC without his jinni powers as he’s been cuffed with iron and stuck in human form. They’re supposed to meet and fall in love at some point, I think, but I’m only on chapter 9, so we’ll see. Also, set in the 1890’s, so, you know.

I also have a list of lots of books to read given to me by several friends. I really want to read Gale Carriger’s Finishing School series, which is supposed to be super fun steampunky goodness, according to my Twirly. I have yet to see the first book in person, though. Always out at the library, always non-existent at the book stores I go to. It’s very annoying. However, with my new library powers, I hope I can finally get a hold of it and read it this year. I also want to read things by Maggie Stiefvater, who has been recommended to me by several friends now, most recently Courtney who showed me a bunch of her books and informed me that they are hilarious and wonderful. My list is ever growing.

reading challengeI found a reading challenge on Facebook, because really, where else do you find things like that? I’m actually pretty excited about it. I’ve definitely got the “book you’ve been meaning to read” covered. The “book you can read in a day” though, will be harder. I’m a super slow reader, so it’s gonna have to be a whole day of reading a very short book. We’ll see if I can do it. I like that it’s not a specific book list, though. I always look at those and think, meh, these some of these look okay, but then again, some of them don’t. I like that this challenge is vague and leaves the actual book selection up to me. A friend of mine found a much more extensive list to try out this year, but I’m thinking it’s a bit over ambitious for me. I’ll stick to my little list and see how it goes.

So this year I hope to do all the reading and actually follow through with it. I feel like I do this all the time, think I should read more and then just don’t. It’s a bad habit I’m hoping to break. Perhaps I’ll come here when I finish each book and tell you guys about it. That might add a bit of motivation to my reading. I hope you all find lots of cool books to adventure with this year too! Happy reading, my friends!

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