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New Year Ramble

I’m supposed to be blogging. I know that, but instead I’m making characters for D&D tonight because the DM asked us to bring in pictures that closely approximate what our characters look like. So I found a character creator and I’ve been fiddling with my characters ever since. I know I should be blogging, but that’s what I’d rather do.

I’m having one of those mornings where I sit down to write and I’m still tired and my head is all fuzzy and I don’t want to focus, really, I want to go back to sleep, or do something mindless, but it’s Wednesday and I’m supposed to be blogging, so here I am. I was going to write about yoga, but one day of yoga doesn’t make much of a post. I was going to write about D&D since our group is celebrating it’s one year anniversary tonight, but I’m not sure where I was going with that one. I could talk about how our group still has three of the original starting characters in it, that I’m one of them and that makes me pretty happy, but I’m also ready for a new character. I might switch tonight, hopefully, if we level up. See we can’t take our experience with us when we switch over and I’m really close to the next level, so it seems silly to switch and lose all that experience. Anyway, I’m hoping to switch after this next fight that we left off on. Maybe it’ll be enough.

Maybe I should open the blinds. Maybe the sunlight will help me feel more alert and motivated and stuff. I was pretty good yesterday, I started my series which I’m supposed to do every day, but probably will try to do every other day. I think I feel better about it this time because I already have a video buffer to catch up on. Last year I hated skipping days because I wanted to keep up with the videos as they came out, but this year I’m already a few videos behind, so it’s not so big a deal. We’ll see how this whole thing goes.

See? I did it again. I wandered away and stared at nothing important for like five minutes. I should probably eat something. I feel a little hungry, I think, but it’s so hard to tell in the mornings. I should eat anyway because breakfast is important and all that, but what to eat? We have lots of leftovers in the fridge that I should eat, but none of them sound super appetizing just now. I’m sure once I heat them up and actually consume some I’ll feel better, but it seems like so much work.

I have a book to listen to today, but I’d rather catch up on my podcasts. But I have to listen to the book because I’m supposed to discuss it on Monday which is much closer than it seems. I’m glad the audio book came in. I’ve been waiting for the kindle copy to come in for a month now and I’m still one person behind in line for it. That’s the thing about getting kindle books from the library, people don’t think about returning them when they’re done because they go back automatically when they’re due. I’m not even sure if you can return a kindle copy early or not. I’ve never borrowed one before. So regardless of how quickly they read the book will be back in three weeks. That’s okay, listening is easier anyway. I can do other things while I listen and that’s always nice. Perhaps I’ll work on a new pair of socks.

So that’ll be my day, listening to a book and doing mindless things, probably. Or reading up on how barbarians work. I’m pretty excited to play a barbarian. They seem like fun and I’m excited to have a character who’s got more charisma than a badger. Seriously, my ranger has the same amount of charisma as her badger companion. It’s pretty bad. Anyway, I hope you all have a more focused day than me, my friends.

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