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I realize that I was supposed to write a thing on Friday. I did not write a thing on Friday because I felt awful. I’m slowly getting back up to full steam, but it’s a slow process. So today you get to hear about how I’ve been sick to end November.

I actually slept for the first time in three days last night. We went to bed early after Thanksgiving with my in-laws because we’d gotten up obnoxiously early to run a 5k that morning. So in bed by 9, up again by 11:30. That was the most solid sleep I got that night. From there on out it was up with a sore throat, do the spray, back to sleep, up to pee, listen to a podcast, up for water, try to sleep, the clock seemed stuck, finally I gave up and moved to the couch where I dozed, sort of, while Good Eats played on the TV. I hate nights like that. I finally got a little bit of something like sleep around 8 after informing my mom-in-law that I wouldn’t be joining them for Black Friday shopping.

Welcome to the world of self-perpetuating anxiety. It’s triggered usually when I can’t sleep. If I know why I can’t sleep it helps, if I had a lot of caffeine or took a nap or something I feel better about not being about to sleep because I can put my finger on the probable cause. When I just wake up and can’t sleep that’s what the anxiety starts and then fuels itself because I’m not sure why I feel anxious, I just do and the anxiety causes more anxiety and finds other things to latch onto and make me feel more anxious and it’s a big mess.

So that’s been my nights for the past three days. I was exhausted Friday, tried going out for my sister-in-law’s birthday and kind of regretted leaving the house, and returned to go to bed early and again, not really sleep at all. I got out of bed around 2 or 3 am and had to steal my husband’s phone because my phone has decided that it doesn’t want to connect to our internet anymore. Why? No idea, but it’s made life very difficult. My husband got it working for Saturday but it’s stopped working again by Sunday afternoon. Have I mentioned how great my husband is yet? I know you all hear this a lot, but he really is the best. He’s been taking care of me all weekend, making me soup and tea and getting me pills and water whenever I need them and he spent all yesterday just laying around with me. He’s pretty wonderful.

He also ran out and got me cold medicine, the drowsy kind that allowed me to have a real nap with real sleep. It was great. It also threw off my sleeping, probably and resulted in spending another night awake on the couch watching Mythbusters, which he got just for me. I watched pretty much all of season 8 over Saturday night and Sunday morning. That’s a lot of Mythbusters.

So last night I took some off brand Benadryl to help me sleep and I did actually get some real sleep in. It took me over an hour to actually fall asleep and I did still wake up several times during the night, but it was much less than the previous nights and it was every few hours so I still got more sleep in than I have in a few days. It was quite nice until I woke up with a head ache and my throat feel worse. I compulsively check to see if it’s red or anything every time I’m in the bathroom when I’m sick so upon checking this morning I found a white spot on my tonsil. Just the one spot but enough to kind of freak me out and with the head ache and the coughing I figured I should call my husband back from work so we could get it checked out. I was tested for strep and mono and both came back negative so they sent me home with an antibiotic for an upper respiratory infection.

So I’m home today feeling a little bit better for having taken some Tylenol and started the pills I was given. I’m a little bit skeptical since they didn’t even look at my throat, but then again I’m not a doctor so what do I know? It can’t hurt me at the very least, right? So hopefully I’m on the mend. We’re going to look at a new apartment today so if I can get through that alright I’ll take that as a good sign. December starts tomorrow, folks, which means Christmas season is officially here. I know it starts directly after Thanksgiving, but it just hasn’t felt like it since I’ve been sick. I’ll be starting, or rather, finishing a series I did last year I like to call “Christmas Memories.” I hope you are all in better health than I am and ready for a merry Christmas celebration.

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