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So I have a confession: I haven’t been writing much just yet. I finished reading through my novel and then life sort of took me and tossed me here and there and left me away from the computer more often than not. Life is funny that way, you know? Anyway, this week should be better. I wrote 1500 words yesterday and would have written more if I hadn’t been swept up into Dracula and couldn’t escape. It happens.

So right now I’m dealing with Sage’s home life and it’s going in some weird directions, I’m developing servants and the whole house structure and how it works and everything and pulling a lot from watching Downton Abbey for how the servants move and how the family dines and stuff. I imagine serving traditions didn’t change a whole lot between the period I’m trying to replicate and the one shown in Downton Abbey so I figured it’d be a safe source to draw from. Then again, it’s my fantasy world so I can do what I want, so there! But really, I’d like to at least resemble vaguely the Victorian era, I’m just not doing a super great job of that so far. I keep telling myself that I’ll go back and add in things, change details, do some research, but it has yet to happen. Maybe when I’m done with this month I’ll finally go back and do stuff.

I’m not at all sure where I’m going after the house and vacation. I think perhaps he’ll get sent back and end up bonding with the other riders more. He’s got the one friend and that’s cool, but he needs to learn to be part of the team. I also need to go back and put in more of his weird education. Right now I just keep saying that he’s got this weird extra schedule going on and he’s dealing with it, but I haven’t shown any of it, and I would like to amend the way it works for the Dragon Corps. Before I had a bunch of apprentices who would try and touch the egg, but I feel like it should be more of a test. They help out in the stables and with the dragons and act servile almost in the stable trying to prove that they’re worthy of a dragon and then one is chosen for an egg. That would make the others more hostile to Sage, I think, since he stole the chance they were working for, and also eliminate the chance of Nightbridge, the bully, being in the class with him. I don’t know, we’ll see.

I think I’m going to aim for 2000 words today. I type out these numbers and they seem so small and yet I know how long they can be. I think blogging has made it easier, though, since I can see my word count as I write in the corner of the text box and I have more of a feel for how long it takes to write that amount. It’s not so bad, it’s just the creative part that makes it hard. Anyone can free-write for a thousand words, it’s giving them meaning and craft that makes it hard. Anyway, that’s my goal for today, I’m not quite caught up on the site with my word count and I think I’ll leave it that way so I’ll have a bit of extra words left over to update on Sunday when I can’t write. I hate to miss a day, you know? It just looks bad.

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