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Miss Calamity

Guys, we are getting cats! As many of you will remember, we really like cats, like, a lot. I grew up with cats, spent nearly my whole life with at least three cats running around our farm and being without cats has been super hard for us. Logan also grew up with cats, on a much more reasonable scale. They always had one or two indoor cats. We always had five to fifteen outside cats.  Still, it was established early on that we needed to have a place that could have cats.

The unfortunate reality of getting married and looking for a place to live is that sometimes you have to take what you can get. We called lots of place and only one actually got back to us. Don’t get me wrong, we are so thankful for our apartment and super blessed to have such a nice place to live. We have parking, we’re in a safe area and our apartment is super cute, but it doesn’t allow pets. No cats for us. The hard part is, we really like our apartment but we also really want cats. So when it comes time to renew the least we have this debate about whether or not it’s worth giving up a super nice apartment to have cats. The answer last year was no. We renewed the lease, and I think kind of regretted it by the time the lease would have actually been up. We need cats in our lives. Playing with kittens at my parents place isn’t quite the same. Petting my in-laws two cats on Sundays is nice, but not the same. We want our own cats.

So you might be a bit confused now. You know we love cats and we want cats and we can’t have cats, but I said that we’re getting cats. What could it mean?! Well, my mom-in-law talked my father-in-law into cat sitting for a few months. Six months, roughly, so that we can take cats from my parents and get them checked out, shots and all, and keep them inside where they’ll learn all the good cat habits they’ll need to live in a rented house, and we’ll get to see them at least once a week, which will be awesome. With the last obstacle out of the way, we are free to claim our cats and bring them down to their new temporary home.

Tomorrow I’m going up to get them. Actually, I’m going up to watch my little cousin with my mom for the day, but sometime during that experience I’ll also be giving two small cats a bath so that they can be transported down to my in-laws for their first night there. Friday we are then going to return to my in-laws, pick them up, and take them over to the vet who comes highly recommended by my mom-in-law. Calamity will need eye medicine, and they’ll probably need de-wormed because outside cats and all that. But soon they should be all healthy and shiny and ready for adoption.

I’ve never actually adopted a cat before. This is a little bit weird. Cats have always been a fluid thing at my parents house. Sure there were cats that stayed a long time, Tweeky-Pea has been there since we moved almost eight years ago, but there are also cats that wander off, that get sick or killed by some fox or raccoon or what have you. We lived on a farm that was just part of our reality. These cats will be ours for a long time, hopefully. They’ll be around for our kids to play with, they’ll be our family’s first cats and it’s a little intimidating, the whole being responsible for a small life form. I’m sure we can handle it. We’ve both had cats our entire lives; we know how to take care of them. It’ll be fine, I’m sure. So I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I can’t wait to see them tomorrow and to clean them up and take them down with us. I can’t wait to see how they do in the car. They’ll be in a carrier, naturally, since I’ll be driving an hour and a half down to pick up my husband and then over to my in-laws which is at least 40 minutes. It’s going to be a long car day, but it makes more sense than driving up three days in a row.

I’ve come to accept the fact that I will be one of those cat people. I always take pictures of the cats when I’m up at my parents place, but I don’t post most of them since they’re not my cats anymore. Erin posts all the pictures anyway, so I don’t need to. But these will be my cats and I can take and post as many pictures as I want! And I will. I will be one of those people and I’m not even sorry. Okay, I’m a little sorry, but not enough to not do it. In six months my free-write posts will all be cat themed. You have been warned.


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