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The Farki are Going Camping

campin' (44)This has been a thing as long as I can remember. Well, not the Farki thing. That started when I was in high school, but the camping thing has definitely been going on since I was wee little and without complete control of my motor skills. There are pictures to prove it. And once again, the time has come for the Farki to gather at the family cabin and chop the wood for the next year of Farki ¬†camping trips and make soup, apparently. That’s right, friends, it’s Labor Day weekend.

The Farkas side of my family is large. Well, okay, every side of my family is large, but the Farkas side especially so. Seven of my dad’s eight siblings still live in the area and most of them come up at some point or another to enjoy the family cabin they built at some point with their dad. With all those siblings and their children coming up we needed a little more space. When I was eight we took away the original trailer and built in it’s place a two story structure containing a kitchen, bathroom and upper bedroom. It’s actually a rather nice place now. Of course my more traditional family members will still use the outhouse regardless of the newly installed indoor pluming, but you know, that’s how it goes.

This is our wood chopping weekend. I know because Facebook has reminded me of the fact that I’ve gone camping this weekend four out of the past six years. My uncles will go out into the woods tomorrow and gather up some fallen trees and chop them up enough to fit in the back of several pick-up trucks and then hall them all back to camp where they will be split and stacked to dry for the coming year of camping shenanigans and adventures. I won’t be chopping wood because I suck at it, and there’s a video to prove it. So I’ll be stacking wood while my ¬†little sister does the chopping. She is far manlier than I.

This trip I think I’m going to drive up in an attempt to learn my way to the cabin. I know I’ve been going up since I was the tiniest of tiny humans, but one doesn’t really remember the way unless one drives it. Well, I don’t, at least. I mean, short distances aren’t so hard,but this is a two hour trip and more often than not I was probably asleep, or reading a book or something. Yeah, I can read in the car. So this time I’m going to drive, which is only fair, I think, since my husband always drives everywhere. Besides, I’m more likely to remember the way than he is. Both because I’ve ridden the rout my whole life and I’m just better at remembering directions than he is. This is why we own a GPS.

I’m pretty excited about this weekend. We didn’t get to go camping at all last year due to the whole getting married thing and then all the weddings that followed. It was a big year for weddings. But this year we should get to go twice, if all goes as planned; this trip and one in October, hopefully. It’ll be hot this weekend, but the nights should cool down a bit, maybe enough to enjoy the fire. It’ll be nice to be out in the woods again, out away from the suburbs and the city and back into the fresh air. I feel like I don’t get as much fresh air as I should. This weekend will be good for me. I hope your weekends are good too, dear friends.

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