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Welcome Back Butterfly

The butterfly ring in all it's glory

The butterfly ring in all it’s glory

I have been collecting rings since my freshman year of high school. I started with a purity ring, worn on my thumb because I was paranoid that it wouldn’t come off my ring finger and somehow managed to get it a size and a half too big. Lesson learned, the following rings were properly sized before purchase. My second ring was a butterfly that has lived on my middle finger since I was 18. This has long been one of my favorites, and my husband’s arch-nemesis for as long as we’ve been holding hands. You see, the butterfly is pointy. It’s got three sharp corners at the tip of each wing and where they two come together at the bottom. It also has a small break at the bottom from when I put it in my back pocket while painting and then sat on it and had to re-shape it. So it tends to get caught on things and attack my husband.

A while ago a friend brought in a jewelry catalog for a party she was having. She mentioned that a spoon ring was one of the items available and that she really liked it. I have wanted a spoon ring for some time, actually. Twirls has one that was her grandmother’s, I believe, and I’ve always admired it. I had also been contemplating replacing the butterfly. I wear the same rings all the time, you see, and I thought maybe a switch-up might be in order. And if I were going to switch out a ring, it would be the butterfly, seeing as the butterfly is by far the most troublesome. So I got my husband’s approval on the spoon ring and placed the order to replace my butterfly ring.

It took a while for the spoon ring to come in, naturally, as I had ordered it super early and I expect all the orders came at once. A few weeks ago, however, it did finally arrive and I promptly switched the butterfly for the spoon. My husband was very pleased; I had to do some adjusting. The ring itself was adjustable, though a bit difficult to do so, and I had to struggle with it while on my finger, because I had put it on and couldn’t get it off. Once it was properly sized it seemed to be alright.

I don’t take off my rings. This is one of the things I like about rings, I can leave them on and they don’t get in the way. I know I could take them off and just wear them when I got to things and they match what I’m wearing, but the truth is, I wouldn’t. This is the struggle I have with earrings; I can’t wear them all the time, so I forget to wear them at all. My ears are super sensitive and get pretty gross if I leave my earrings in too long. Rings, on the other hand, I have no reaction to. Well, didn’t have any reaction to until I got my wedding band, which collects dirt in the inside inscription and then gives me a rash. Regular cleaning helps with that, though, so it’s all good. My other rings, though, are perfectly fine with hanging out on my fingers all day. I take them off when I shower and if I’m doing something super messy with my hands and that’s about it. So this poor little spoon ring was thrust into a situation it was not meant for.

I discovered yesterday that my finger had turned green. That happens sometimes with rings, more often with cheap jewelry, but it can happen with most metals. I haven’t had a problem with my other rings, that I remember, but I have had it happen with other rings before. So I took the spoon off and noticed something else: the outer coating was peeling off. Specifically on the inner curve and the outer curve where my fingers rub against it. This ring was clearly meant for sometimes use, not to be over worn as I prefer to do with my rings. It was an unfortunate discovery, but explains it’s over shininess, which I didn’t much care for anyway.

So the spoon ring went back into the box and, much to my husband’s disappointment, the butterfly has returned. After two and a half weeks in a box, the butterfly is back on my finger where it belongs, at least for ┬ánow. I have promised my husband that we can look for another replacement when we go to the Ren. Fair this year. That’s where I got the butterfly, after all, and I know the same people make other nice rings. We will see what we can find. For now, though, the butterfly is back and my finger feels much better for it.

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