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One of Those Days Ramble

It’s one of those days folks, so if you want to skip this one, go ahead. I can’t promise there’ll be anything interesting here today. It’s one of those days where I get home with my coffee and my muffin, and I sit down to write and there is nothing in my head worth writing an entire post about. Sure I could talk about the weather, how it’s been absurdly rainy this year and how it’s almost fallish in the coolness of the air this morning which ┬ámakes me long for fall even more than usual, even though it’s only July. I could talk about my weekend and recount all the adventures I had with my husband, but that was almost a week ago and they don’t feel as fresh and exciting as they once did. We went to the zoo, though, and that was fun. I could talk bout my plans for cutting my hair and how I am both super excited about it and dreading it a little at the same time, but I feel like that’l be a post on it’s own when it happens. So here I am, in my comfy chair with nothing significant to write about this morning.

I knew this would happen, of course. I was prepared for days like this when I started blogging. My first blog was updated every day and I had lots of ideas about things to blog about and I kept up with it pretty well for two or three months. It’s funny how years of blogging kind of dry up ideas after a while. Not that I’m out, I do have ideas, just not for today. I have ideas that require more thought and attention than one morning’s typing before heading off to learn bread making from a friend. I’m finally going to bring back that cook book she lent us before we got married. It’s been staring at me for months.

I do feel bad about days like this. I wish I could be more interesting and have super awesome things to say all the time. There’s part of me that thinks I shouldn’t post at all if I haven’t got anything interesting to post about, but I set a schedule, and if I skip one day it only gets easier to skip other days as well and before you know it there’s one post a month, if that, and there goes any credibility I may or may not have had as a blogger. This is what I’ve chosen to do with my life and thus I shall stick to it.

So it’s a rambling kind of day. The kind of day where I write whatever pops into my head and you can take it or leave it as you will. I won’t be offended if you skipped this one altogether, though if you’re reading this you obviously took the time to stick with me and I appreciate that. I’ll keep this one short and move on with my day so that you can move on with yours as well, and hopefully next week I’ll be back with something better than this.

Have a lovely day, my friends.

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