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First Time Apart

I had a post in mind for today, but seeing as I’m not at home just now and I’d like to get this out quickly so I can grab my sister and go for a run before it gets to hot or rains – I know, me running on my own: what!? – I thought instead I’d tell you about my week thus far and the lack of husband in it.

My husband is currently at a web conference learning all sorts of cool program-y things to implement at his work and in his spare time. He’s three hours away on this trip for his company so he’s staying in a hotel and I am back home staying with my family for a few days. He drove out on Sunday and I parked my stuff at my parents house for the two and a half days he’d be gone. Today is the day he comes home, but not until tonight, so I’ll be filling my day, once again, with family type activities and such.

Yesterday I got breakfast with my sister and her boyfriend. If you don’t have a good waffle place near you, I’m so sorry. We have Waffles Incaffeinated and they make wonderful waffles. After we returned home my sister roped me into helping her sort clothes as she struggles against the chaos that is her room. We are terribly prone to chaos in our family. My poor husband has to deal with mine all the time. So my sister and I sorted clothes while watching Daredevil on Netflix and it was actually not a bad time. When she went to work I retreated to my old bedroom where I typed up the readings I’m doing for a wedding on Saturday. Now I just have to remember to print them before I leave. The printer lives in my brother’s part of the house, the basement, and I have to go down and turn it on and feed it and then print. I really should just take my computer down. I’ll have to flip the page anyway to get all the readings in one place. Lucky for me, I have had a lot of practice with public readings and they are a thing that I actually rather enjoy.

I had dinner with my parents for their anniversary. They’ve been married 30 years now, which is amazing. When my sister got home she and I went out in an attempt to get me drunk. I am now convinced that I am immune. Actually, the fact that I don’t over drink and my sister is inexperienced in drinking probably shielded us from drunkenness. We went to a little Irish Pub/Island bar and sat in a sandy beach area and had a drink with a snack and chatted for an hour or so before going home, where she made me take my first shot. I told my mom when she asked about us being home so early that I was a bad partier. My sister decided she was going to break that in me and poured me a “shot” of peach vodka. It was a roughly measured shot in an 8 oz glass because we couldn’t find a shot glass that may or may not exist. They built it up to be this awful thing and poured me a chaser, because “you’re gonna need something after that.” So I made my sister do it with me and she, who has done this before, over reacted while I made a confused face rather than the usual grimace. Apparently peach vodka just isn’t that bad. There was a little burn, I guess, but not enough to warrant the chaser.

We ended the evening with one more episode of Daredevil and then headed off to bed. Today we’ll be hopefully running and then I’m hoping to get to a favorite coffee shop from college and maybe catching a certain friend who’s getting married on Saturday. We’ll see how this goes. Mostly I am looking forward to this evening when I can pick up my husband from wherever he ends up and we get to go home and sleep in our own bed again. I like being at my parents house, but I like being with my husband more.


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