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My Podcast Addiction

I have this issue where I find something new and I binge on it. I do this with shows most often, sometimes Youtube videos, sometimes articles or perhaps websites such as Pintrist. Most recently, though, it’s been podcasts. And let me tell you, dear friends, it’s been bad.

I’ve been wanting to get into podcasts for a while now, actually. My husband has a few that he listens to on his way to work and while they don’t necessarily sound like things I would enjoy, the idea of listening to people talk about stuff you find interesting seems very appealing. I like listening to things. I’m a fan of audio books; though I haven’t found any to listen to in a while, I grew up listening to them in my room and sometimes on car trips. We loved the radio show tapes that we had too. Adventures in Odyssey was one of my favorite things. So the idea of podcasts as a sort of adult radio show was very appealing.

I am, however, not very good with the discoveries. My husband has a fancy app to help him along and his mad internet exploration skills that seem to turn up anything he might want to look for. I didn’t want to pay for the app for myself and I am awful at Googling things like this. Without an idea of what I wanted to listen to, just looking up “free podcasts” was not going to get me what I was looking for. Then someone posted a Buzzfeed article of 21 podcasts for every personality or something like that and I perked up a bit. This was my chance to find something to listen to while crocheting perhaps, or playing card games. I was most excited.

This was at the beginning of the week. I first discovered Stuff Your Mom Never Told You, through the article. It’s described as talking about anything from sex to politics that your mom didn’t want to talk about. In reality it’s a feminist podcast discussing women’s roles and issues in history and culture and how things have changed. I spent the first day of my ongoing addiction listening to the two hosts talk about women in comics, the history of panties, social justice issues and Queen Victoria. I didn’t necessarily agree with everything they said, being a more conservative person myself, but it was nice too hear some of the topics touched on and the hosts are both very respectful and strive to show all groups equally.

The last podcast I listened to by them featured a guest host from the show Stuff You Missed in History Class. I’m kind of in love with history. I love the fact that we have 2000+ years of stories to tell and there are more out there than we can ever hear in a life time. There will never be a shortage of stories, ever. A lot of history is weird and wonderful, some tragic and macabre, and I kind of love it all. So I went over to Stuff You Missed in History and started working my way backwards through their archives. This has been the rest of my week to this point. I haven’t been listening to every podcast by them; the archives go back years and it would take forever. I’ve just been picking out the ones that sound really interesting or to my taste and listening to them and all of them have been very good.

Today I’ll probably keep listening to Stuff You Missed in History. I’m up to September of last year and I know from the listener mail portion of the show that there are some good topics come up as I work my way back. That’s the thing about working backwards, I know what’s coming because people are responding to it in the show’s I listen to before I get there. I don’t know what they’re talking about, but I’m inclined to listen to those episodes so that I can find out. It’s a little backwards, I guess. and I thought about going to the back and working forwards, but this is working out so well right now, I think I’ll stick with it. All I need now is a project to keep my hands busy while I listen.

If you’re interested in these podcasts or others having to do with stuff, you can check out the links provided or go to this one: How Stuff Works  which is their parent site. It has many more stuff related podcasts and some cool articles and things. I highly recommend checking some of it out! Have a lovely day, my friends.

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