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Daylight Savings Ramble

I’ll be honest with you guys. I don’t really want to write today. I’m not feeling all that awake, or like moving, or doing anything today, really. I woke up with “Today I don’t feel like doing anything” stuck in my head and it has yet to go away. I suppose I could listen to something else, but that would mean picking something else to listen to and then finding it and it all seems like too much effort.

Maybe this is what I get for writing in the mornings. I thought I would be all motivated and what not but this week I’m just tired. I’m going to blame daylight savings. Seriously, who’s idea was this? My husband and I have been struggling with the getting up thing all week and it has yet to get any better. It’s dark when we get up, dark when he leaves and only starts getting light as he drives to work. I just want to go back to sleep.

My poor husband has been wanting to start running in the mornings for a while now. For a long time it was too cold for him to run outside, him being a new runner and lacking all the appropriate clothes and such for it. He also has a wife who’s afraid he’ll get frostbite or hypothermia or something running in the cold. Not all cold, mind you, but anything below like 10 degrees is too cold to be outside more than you have to. But it’s finally warmed up enough for him to run and now it’s too dark. Yeah, I know if you want to run in the morning it’ll probably always be dark, but not this dark. I feel like a little bit of light is required for motivation and we just don’t have it.

On Tuesday I went to my usual Starbucks to write and failed miserably. I even had a post started and everything and still I couldn’t make myself write. It was awful. I stared at the text box for like an hour before giving up and going to Robinson with my mom. My brain just wouldn’t work. Part of that was probably due to the anxiety. I get that sometimes and it decided to rear its ugly head this past weekend for no reason at all. Usually I can put it on something specific, but this time I couldn’t think of anything to be anxious about except mixing alcohol and Tylenol, which, I guess could be it, except that the anxiety lasted much longer than the Tylenol or the alcohol. ┬áIt seems to have subsided now, thank God, but I’m still in a paranoid state that it will come back.

At least the sun is up now and the birds are singing outside and there is frost on my tree. I call him Eler, though there should be a little accent mark over the second ‘e’. It means “reach” in Hungarian and my tree always looks as though he’s reaching little hands up towards the sky. He really is a very nice tree. He’s a dogwood which means once spring comes he’ll be covered in beautiful white dogwood flowers. I am very excited for spring to come. I’m tired of cold and frost and snow. I want to run around outside in my bare feet and read in the park and play on the swings. The swings are my favorite part.

Well, I think that’s enough rambling for one day. I’m sorry about my miss this week, I’ll try and do better next week. Maybe by then I’ll be used to this unfortunate time change. Maybe the sun will come up a little sooner. Maybe we’ll actually get to sleep on time for once. Who knows? It could happen. At any rate, enjoy your morning beverage and have a lovely day, my friends.

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