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Welcome World

This is Herbert, my comfy chair coffee companion.

This is Herbert, my comfy chair coffee companion.

Good morning world! Today is the day! It’s the first day of my new career as a blogger, such as it is, and I am supper excited! I actually didn’t sleep too well last night for dreaming of what I was going to write this morning. It was like trying to sleep the day before a holiday or a birthday or the first day of school. That last one might just be me, but you get what I mean.

So to start with, weather sucks. I don’t know where you’re reading from, but I’m in Western PA and it’s cold and full of snow right now and while the roads might be clear now, they might not be in an hour. For this reason, I’m staying inside today. I’m writing to you from my comfy chair in my nesting corner with a cup of dark roast coffee from Hallowed Grounds. What’s Hallowed Grounds you might ask? Well it’s only the best place to get coffee in Beaver County. Unfortunately I’m not in Beaver County anymore, so I have to stock up every time we go home. You can order online, but I’m an in-store kind of shopper. My husband likes the dark roast and as he’s off to work this morning, his is the coffee of choice. I prefer the turtle, but I’ll take anything with enough cream and sugar. Yeah, I’m one of those people. My husband sometimes teases me about being a “white coffee” person.

So, I have a confession to make. I had no idea what I was going to write when I got up this morning. Or when I went to bed last night. I had a dream that I had somehow put up part of our Christmas tree in like September, thinking it was close enough to Christmas, only to find that I only had a handful of ornaments still in the apartment, and I’d only put up the top half of the tree… somehow. So in my dream I blogged about that. Outside of the dream I’m pleased with the fact that I’m dreaming in my apartment now, after seven months of living here. In the words of a college professor I once had: I have a theory.

I have this dream theory; it’s not super out there or insightful or anything, it’s just this idea I have regarding dreams. My theory is that there is a delay between dreams and reality. It takes a while for your subconscious to catch up to changes you’ve made in relationships and living arrangements and so on. I’ve never actually questioned anyone else on this, so it could just be me, but after I first got engaged I would still dream of my now husband as my boyfriend. I remember being super excited when I started dreaming about wedding things. It had finally sunk in that I was getting married.

I still dream in my old house most often. I suppose you kind of get stuck places where you’ve spent most of your life. We lived in the little farm house until I was fifteen. I thought we would never move. Even now, coming up on eight years after we moved out, I still dream primarily in or around the white farm house. Sometimes it’s in the yard, or the fields behind it, or sometimes it’s in the living room or the long room upstairs. Usually it’s not “my house” in the dream, but the setting is always that familiar little building and those familiar trees and fields. Seven years in the new house and I’m not sure if I’ve ever dreamed there.

So, granted, my dreams in the apartment were probably anxiety induced from my fretting over what I was going to write this morning, but I’m going to take it as a sign that my growing up is finally sinking it.
Is this just me? Do other people have this dream delay? Where do you dream about most?
Enjoy your coffee dear friends.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome World

  • Casey Wilkinson says:

    I still have occasional dreams about being in my senior year of high school, except, I also an aware that I’m beyond high school age, and I’m…doing it again? Taking more classes? Something? Who knows. I’ve also had dreams just generally before Josh and I were married, and they follow some bizarre event that never happened, like me getting pregnant or one of us dating someone else. Yikes!
    It’s hard for me to remember most of my dreams, so I can’t really say how often I dream these AU past happenings versus …uh…regular dreams?
    Dreams are so weird.

    • Purps says:

      They really are. I had a dream last night about being back at Geneva, except part of it was a beach… and that was totally normal.

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